Strategies and content for large and small companies
We develop communication strategies, manage content marketing projects and contribute ethically to Wikipedia
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Meet the team
Tim is the analyst, the editor, ex-wikipedian and content projects manager

Saint Petersburg, +7 921 880 02 80
Anna is the professional publisher, science communicator and Wikipedia evangelist

Moscow, +7 965 763 10 05

Things we are good at
⚡ fast projects for startups
We help innovative and deep tech companies promote complex products. Our core competence is building communication stragegies from the ground up.
❤️ is Wikipedia
In 2014 we were the first to offer an ethical approach to Wikipeda to notable people and companies in the Russian language. We write and publish, provide consulting and mentorship services, help to learn wiki-editing as a hard skill.
✨ sparlking content projects
We build content strategies and manage content production for different channels ranging from professional social networks to mainstream media.
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+7 921 880 02 80
+7 965 763 10 05
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